API Access

Congratulations on considering a subscription for API access to our live forecasts. Currently, we are making all present and future forecasts available by API access to a single tier of paying customers. Naturally, this will change as time goes on, but early subscribers with continuous subscriptions will receive a legacied subscription to all future service levels for as long as this message is still on our website.

Due to demand, the next live forecasts are likely to be some of the following: ETH-USD, QQQ, TSLA, AAPL, MSFT, FB, XOM, VIAC, JPM, BAC, MU, AMD, AMC, BA, BABA, GME, BIDU, AMZN, and GOOGL

The easiest way to access our API is through https requests using static links that transmit your username and password over end-to-end SSL encryption. In linux, the following code will pull the data from our server quickly and efficiently.

curl -u username:password 'https://www.mcmcforecast.com/tier1/svg/BTC_livedata.txt'

You will be emailed a static username and password when you sign up. You cannot change it, so do not share it with anyone. If we believe it has been compromised we will reach out to you before disabling it and sending you a new one.

Here is a code example to pull some simple data (note the following difference when using authentication):

Replace: 'https://www.mcmcforecast.com/livedata.txt'

With: 'https://username:[email protected]/tier1/svg/BTC_livedata.txt'


If you would like to subscribe, please wait until forecasts behind a paywall are added. If you subscribe early it will be considered a donation to support costs of development and hosting.

Current Price: $5/month
Renews until canceled and includes 1-time account setup fee of $25

FYI! Use the contact form below to initiate all other requests for services or consulting. Options include custom financial or risk analysis, currency pairs, inventory management, etc.

Contact Let us know what you think, if you find a bug, or would like to initiate a project: